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You are looking for ways to relax and new sensory experiences. You expect a relaxed atmosphere, absolute hygiene and cosy warmth. At BALNEA, we know exactly what you are looking for. That is why we put all our knowledge, expertise and creativity into the design and construction of saunas and thermal baths, designed to meet even the most discerning requirements.

BALNEA installations relax the body and soul. They are individual in design, elaborate in detail and very rich in emotions. Each one of our installations is unique, composed of individual factory prefabricated and hand-made components.

We use heat, light and steam as healing and relaxing forces, water for pleasure and therapy. The renaissance of gentle, natural-healing methods, which contribute to bodily awareness and well-being, also contribute to our success. Today, we are fortunate to be able to use the traditions and medical knowledge of many cultures and eras.

With generously designed thermal baths and experience landscapes, we can create places which, in addition to offering numerous health advantages, are also oases of relaxation.

Surrounded by stylish materials, soft towels and sensual fragrances. A sense of well-being, happiness and the feeling of doing something for yourself. A day in a thermal bath.

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