Fitness and spa equipment by Fortuna SPA 22

We are the specialists, who can help you create and develop your vision for a unique SPA.

Together with you we can create a place, where your guest will have unforgettable experiences.

We, the team of Fortuna SPA 22 Ltd., meet the demands in the field of SPA industry. This means much more than arranging the pieces of equipment and the therapeutic cabins. On the basis of our rich experience, our team of experts develops the right design and selects the right equipment, discovers and introduces profitable procedures, analyses, restructures and changes the design of the existing center with the aim maximum efficiency and profitability to be reached.

At the time of reconstruction and even after that we strive to be a competent and innovative partner, offering our customers attractive selections of wellness and SPA equipment.

Selection of programs, staff training and other important details in the design and services will complete the image and make your SPA a unique one. This guarantees a wonderful start of the new SPA center and unique experiences for your guests. They will be taken out of the routine way of life and will feel as if they entered into a different world, consisting of enchanting rituals, full of emotions, tender contact and sensual fragrances.

Our goal is to create "Your" SPA center, in order each casual visitor to become a regular guest. With the aim to reach this goal, we deliver:

SPA equipment and design Unique SPA design
spa equipment and fitness equipment High quality technique
SPA therapies and equipment Therapies based on the combination of ancient traditions and contemporary research
spa equipment SPA cosmetics of the highest possible class

The satisfied guest is the key to the continuing success of your SPA. We don`t offer "ready-to-wear" concepts. The unique character of each SPA complex is the most important thing for us.