SPA equipment

Through well selected design and high quality equipment we can create a place, which, in combination with healthy procedures can become an oasis for relaxation.

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Steam zone
Heat, light and steam are used as healing and relaxing forces, water - for pleasure and therapy.
steam zone
Zones of dry and hot air - Saunas
Some of the popular types of modern saunas are: stone sauna, sweat room, sauna for meditation, spherical sauna, bio sauna, etc.
Zones of dry and hot air - Saunas
Cold zones
Extraordinary experiences with cold water
Cold zones - spa equipment
Hydrating, beautifying, healing and relaxing
Baths - spa equipment
Relax zones
Feel the cozy mild heating and relax.
Relax zones - spa equipment
Massage couches and cosmetic equipment
Function and comfort for both the guest and the therapist.
Massage couches and cosmetic equipment - spa equipment
Oxygen Cabin (Sea Climate)
Ionized oxygen and decorative lightning – the perfect balance for the body, spirit and soul.
Oxygen Cabin (Sea Climate) - spa equipment
Thalasso therapy
Discover the advantages of therapies with sea water, plunge in the elements which will wake up your senses for new life.
Thalasso therapy  - spa equipment
Precious Stones Cabin
Elements of the therapy with precious stones, traditional Chinese medicine, reflexology, aroma-, audio, colour and light therapies are combined there.
Precious Stones Cabin  - spa equipment