High quality, unique design and efficiency, a combination of art, functionality and health care.

The models that ULTRA TAN offers are horizontal and vertical, with different power and capacity types. The main characteristics of the solariums that make them unique are:
  • Computerized temperature control (CTC). The tubes will maintain the right temperature during the entire tanning session, which is of great importance for a good tan. This system guarantees maximum power of the sunbed in every single moment of the session.
  • The products come with a central filter, preventing dust and dirt from reaching the tubes and acrylic sheets, ensuring at all times the very best of tanning results.
  • Unique tube and lamp holder, which supports them into position that increases the interference to a maximum level.
  • Two double-suction cooling fans, with built-in relays, cool the sunbed. Each fan has the capacity to cool the whole solarium offering very high security against interruptions. The efficient cooling comes from six body fans that can be adjusted by the client from the control panel.
  • The system Quick-lock allows the user to uncover the tubes for cleaning or changing in less than 3 seconds.
e class solarium These sunbeds produced by ULTRA TAN are the smallest according to their size and power. They offer a high comfort quality, a superb design and an excellent tanning result just like all the other big solariums. The power is from 3800 W 4000 W, they are equipped with 100 W body lamps and 25 W lamps for the face.
M Class solarium This is the average class of sunbeds that ULTRA TAN produces. This average class includes several models. The difference between them is number of lamps and the lamps power. Extra spaghetti tubes give extra colour to face, arms, hands and cheeks. The face booster can be controlled from the control panel. The model 63/800 combines the above mentioned effects with HP lamps which promote the effect of tanning during the session. All the models are on offer with 100 W or 160 W lamps, and the power is from 5500 W to 8400 W.
plantium solarium Plantium is a solarium of highest quality. It includes 38 heating full length lamps and 25 heating lamps of Spaghetti type that accelerate tanning of the face, shoulders and arms. The intensity of body ventilation is very high thanks to 6 ventilators working with full capacity. This intensity can be manually controlled, which turns the session into a pleasant, refreshing experience. The customers will definitely appreciate the easy method for operation due to the functional buttons on the control panel.
Silver edition
Silver edition solarium "SILVER EDITION" - a sunbed from a new generation and a new epoch. Combination of art and function this is the result of the 20 years of experience the producer is proud of. The solarium is extremely simple to operate with easy-to-reach control buttons that let you enjoy your tanning session - in quiet relaxation or in company with your favourite music. The customer can choose from several types of lamps with different capacity 100 W, 160 W and HP face lamps.
Tower of power
Tower of power If you search for the best and expect to see a visible effect after just a few initial sessions, we have a solution for you - the vertical TOWER OF POWER. This solarium is elegant and effective. It includes 52 vertically positioned 200 W UV lamps, 2 meters high. The extra-strong UV-lamps ensure that everyone will get deep tanning from head to toe very fast. The oval shape of the TOP is especially designed to follow the shape of the human body at an ideal distance from the UV-lamps. This feature alone makes the TOP more than twice as efficient as other units. The option to put an attractive image on the door is one more advantage and a guarantee that this solarium will be noticed by the customers. By adding the ULTRA TAN dressing-room to your TOP, you can also offer your customers an attractive, lockable changing-room which can be equipped with various mirrors, clothes-pegs, shelves, ceiling lighting and an attractive image on the door. It provides additional comfort for the customer.