Massage Couches and Cosmetic Equipment

Function and Comfort for Both the Guest and the Therapist.

Massage 3 in 1, Wet Therapies
Lots of international by origin procedures are done on a heated couch. One can start, for example, with cleaning of the entire body (peeling with oil that contains salts), cleaning with a brush and soap, natural soap foam massage, and - as a final procedure - warm oil massage.
  • Massage with natural soap foam
  • Massage with soap and a brush
  • VICHY Shower
  • Peeling with salts containing oil
  • Massage with aromatic oil
  • Other hydrating and restoring the lipid balance procedures

Dry Float - Soft Couch
The Dry Float is a kind of water bed. After a peeling on the wet table or 3 in 1 multi-functional massage couch, the body can be packed. Different healing packs are offered including packs with clay and mud, cr?me-oil baths and other moisturizing body packs. The guest lies on a water bed and his/ her skin is rubbed with suitable skin care products and then he/she is packed with a film. The duration of this procedure is approximately 20 min. During this time the active ingredients work on the skin tissues. This treatment is relaxing, purifying and regenerating.