Zones of dry and hot air

The combination of heat in the sauna, procedures with cold water or air and the breaks for relaxation that the classic sauna includes stimulates blood circulation and the immune system. If you visit the sauna regularly, this will guarantee effective protection against infectious diseases.

The temperature is about 85 - 95 °C and the humidity - 15%. Some of the many types of modern saunas include: Stone sauna, Sweat room, Sauna for meditation, Spherical sauna.

Soft Sauna
The temperature there is about 85 - 95 °C and the humidity - 15%.

It is made of a special sort of a pine tree. The slow growth and the natural drying process transforms the old pine tree into a silvery wood material called KELO. This special type of drying can be realized only in areas with Arctic climate. The wood acquires dense texture and silvery grey color. So, the Kelo sauna is attractive both inside and outside.