Hydrating, Beautifying, Healthy and Relaxing

Cleopatra Bath
It is proved that it is much more comfortable, when the curative procedures involving water and the immersing pools are located close to the sauna. Cleopatra Bath is more than just a kind of curative and beautifying procedure involving water - it is a bathing ritual. This ritual includes massage with jojoba oil, almond oil, and apricot oil in warm babbling water. The bath-tub shape gives the opportunity to enjoy the feeling of complete relaxation.

Unusual shapes, attractive colors, high-tech properties - these are the characteristics of our whirltubs, where the guests can enjoy swimming, water gymnastics, or just relaxation.

Hydrotherapeutic pathway
The hydrotherapeutic pathway (track) is functional, healthy and attractive. The guest goes through a decorative fountain situated in the center. Because of the fact that the water used along the hydrotherapeutic pathway is cold, the disinfecting substances and quantities must be in accordance with the respective regulations.

Hydro pool (Aroma pool)
The hydro pool can be used for both preparatory and final procedures (rose petals baths, Roman milk bath, etc.) Wellness baths in general are considered to have hydrating, beautifying, and relaxation effects on the body. The water is enriched with special aroma substances, herbs, herbal extracts and liquid hydrating products like milk, oils, honey and neutral soap. The temperature in the bath-tub or the pool must be 38 - 40°C. Different types of procedures can be on offer in different seasons. (These baths also include foot baths, which are applied before pedicure.) The procedures in the hydro pool can be successfully combined with Planet Earth Bath. This zone, however, can be used only for hydrating and beautifying bath as a start procedure before massage or cosmetic treatment.