Steam zones

Discover the rich variety of steam zones.

Aroma Steam Bath Cabin / Salt Bath
The temperature is 42 - 45 °C and the humidity is approximately 100%. The steam bath is ideal for both the skin and hair. By adding natural aromas and herbs the positive effect is increased in order the visitor to experience the unique feeling of fitness and well-being. Medical specialists are aware of the curative effect of the salt on human organism. Salt cleanses the skin, stimulates blood circulation and makes breathing easier for people suffering from illnesses that affect the respiratory system. This positive effect of the salt is increased when the temperature is 42 - 45 and when radiant heating is used. By means of special nozzles salt steam is released in the cabin.

Caldarium is a kind of a steam bath cabin with a pool or a fountain and heated benches for relaxing. The stay in the caldarium leads to purification and regeneration thanks to the interaction of high humidity (approximately 100%) and radiant heating (temperature 42 - 45 °C). Variations include fragrance, salt water and light therapy.

Asian Steam Bath
Herbal steam baths in Thailand are rituals for health and beauty. Traditionally, in these baths Buddhist monks stayed with the aim to relax both their body and spirit. Nowadays, herbal steam baths are among the most popular methods for health care and prevention. The heat, combined with herbal essences stimulate blood circulation and sweating, which leads to elimination of toxins from the organism.

In Ancient Rome Tepidarium was a revitalizing bath, located between the cold room and the warm bathroom. In modern spa centers it is a revitalizing cabin with pleasant mild heating and is considered an integral part of healthy relaxation. The temperature here is 25 - 30°C and humidity - about 50%. There are comfortable benches heated to 38 °C. The duration of stay in this cabin is not limited.

The temperature in the Roman hot baths is 55°C. After about 15 min stay there the body begins to sweat. The radiant heat coming from all sides makes the body feel very comfortable and relaxed. After 20 min it is advisable a shower to be taken because this way, on one hand, blood circulation is stimulated, and on the other hand, purification processes are enhanced. The guest of the spa center can stay in the laconium more than an hour. The temperature of the benches is 38°C and the temperature of the walls is 70°C. The humidity is 40%.

Serail Bath
The Serail Ritual unites the ancient knowledge about health, skin care and beauty in a perfect way. The secret lies in the interaction of the different elements: water, fire, earth and aromatized air applied to their most effective form. After a shower, the healing mud/clays are applied to the body. The mud/clay begins to take effect in the steam bath with herbal steam. The mud/clay is washed off in the Vichy shower followed by a closing moisturizing treatment, a full body oil massage follows or moisturizing with other cosmetic products (body butter, lotion, milk).

Created during the time of the Ottoman Empire, the Hamam bath is a place for relaxation, health care and social contacts. The stay in the Hamam is beneficial for both body and soul. It relaxes the muscles and stimulates blood circulation, which is due to the combination of procedures with hot and cold water, steam bath and massage. The central element in the Hamam is the Hot stone - polished granite, heated in the same way loke a rock heated by the Sun. The massage is done on the stone. Essential oils provide pleasant fragrances, which has a positive effect on the mucous membranes and the sinuses. The temperature does not exceed 50°C which protects blood circulation.

Hamam Massage
The Hamam massage is done on a massage table for water therapies with adjustable height. The table is made of hand-made ceramics and mosaic offered in a wide range of colors and designs.