Thalasso therapy

Experience with Thalasso therapy - a treatment from the world of magic and well-being.

Discover the sea water treatment and advantages of the trace elements and minerals contained in the sea. Allow yourself to be pampered and immerse yourself in these elements in a "journey to revitalisation". Thalasso (from Greek) means to use the power of the oceans.
The Thalasso therapy bestows upon us the ocean`s cleansing, regenerating and vitalising powers. The stimulating climate of the sea, the ionised air, sea water, sea salt, sea weed and sea mud is accepted by the organism as if it were one of it`s own substances. Theoriginal Thalasso therapy is based on these elements. A further criteria is to get the active substances from the nearby ocean to the body as quickly as possible.
An original Thalasso therapy lasts 4 to 12 days and is generally offered by Thalasso centres and SPA hotels under medical supervision. It consists of the following components:
  • Sea water: showers, Vichy shower, underwater massage, baths, multi-jet baths, swimming, aqua-gymnastics
  • Sea mud: Body packs
  • Sea salt: Peelings, Baths
  • Sea weed: Baths, Body packs, facials
  • Diet: Sea fish und shell fish; maritime dietary supplements such as sea weed drinks, sea weed tea, sea weed capsules, sea weed coffee etc.
  • Exercises: Jogging, Power walking, walking, gymnastics,Tai Chi by the sea