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Dynamics, fitness, safety and ergonomics - these are the characteristics of the pieces of cardio equipment produced by "Panatta Sport".
X-Act Series
fitness, cardio, X-Act Series "X-act" means quality that can be guaranteed by only one company with 20 years of experience in the field of fitness equipment production.
For the first time in history cardio equipment looks in an entirely nw way modern technology and experience integrated in fine yet solid forms, that let the customers breathe easily and freely. The apparatuses are small, however, extremely functional.
dvance Series
fitness, cardio, advance The new cardio series ADVANCE presents the beauty of the whole range of "PANATTA SPORT" products. The function is improved and the equipment is enriched with new details. Thanks to the unique software capacity developed by the company they are easily adapted to the requirements of every individual client.
Strobobike Series
fitness, cardio, strobobike Strobobike is a cardio-bicycle of perfect quality. It is a device suitable for both exercises for the cardio system and for exercises that are usually done on a bicycle.
The essential properties of Strobobike are the colors, the music and the effects. The device is equipped with a projector for projecting images on the wall and this way riding a bicycle becomes a magical experience of cardio fitness and fun.